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Stories by Megii of Mysteri OusStranger

Moved to AFF. Tom's first visit to Diagon Alley isn't quite the utopia he imagined. Hermione Wilkins helps him out, but it's not as if she could ever really know what goes on in Tom's head. Young!Tom Adult!Hermione Time Travel.
Voldemort was running across the fetid bedroom, his long white hands grasping the windowsill as he hurled himself over it and flew after the bald man and the little woman and then they were a tangle of bodies and limbs and they all twisted and vanished.
From his evolution from Tom Riddle to Lord Voldemort, seven women who influenced his life the most. Canon-compliant. Now with Extras!
In the end, it wasn't that Regulus realized he was in too deep, or realized the way of the light. His mission was never so noble. It was that Orion and Walburga realized too late who Voldemort really was. Canon-compliant.
1957 A tree in Albania, she said. Straightforward enough, right? Not if someone else got there first. Tom's journey in acquiring the vessel for his fifth Horcrux just got that much trickier. An exploration of White Magic. Canon-compliant. Longshot. OC
1943. AU It was supposed to be Tom Riddle's sixth year at Hogwarts. A few more months then he would 17 and be free of the Muggle World forever. No one expected that he would be drafted. Grindelwald's campaign doesn't seem as righteous as it did before.
Not even the birth of her son could compel Merope to continue living after her husband's abandonment, but the green-eyed stranger sitting by her deathbed, cradling her squalling babe, proves to be an unexpected savior. Time Travel. Rare Pair: HarryxMerope
There is a legend of a demon that lives in the forest surrounding Konoha. Some people say that the demon is an enemy of the village while others say it protects it. The Sand Trio had never heard of this legend until the Chuunin Exam. NaruTema
Ginerva wondered just what it was about her that seemed to draw the attention of attractive, teenage Dark Lords. Time Travel. Oneshot. Rare Pair: Gellert Grindelwald x Ginny Weasley
It should have been romantic and youthful; but this was real life, not a story, and Lee found himself only heartbroken. -Supplement for Belletrist Word Salad's "Wicked Game." Gift-fic. Pilot based.
In a world where Regulus escapes the inferi only to be caught by the Ministry, and is sentenced to death by Dementors' Kiss. The day before Regulus dies, he has a last request. But Sirius has closed his ears, and the future remains unchanged. Slightly AU
Ditto has a plan. Oneshot. Rated for implied death.
A tale of obsession. He watched her, followed her… stalked her. Light was never a religious person, but no longer would he deny the existence of angels. Onesided LightxOC Warning: Rated for religious and mature themes and situations. Complete!
Light was born a month early. Soichiro just didn't know that.
Most people didn't know much about Tenten, and she preferred things that way. -Supplement to Belletrist Word Salad's "Wicked Game." Gift fic. Pilot based. Rated for language.
Before confronting Light during the college ceremony, L attempts to call on someone who wants nothing to do with him: a college professor. "Alternate killed himself, Backup went insane, and Copy was murdered; now there is only you, D."
Shikamaru was known for his laziness and uncaring attitude. But that didn't mean he didn't notice all the things people tried to hide. --Supplement to Belletrist Word Salad's "Wicked Game." Gift fic. Pilot based.
Hinata couldn't fathom how she had overlooked it. How could she have been so blind? --Supplement to Belletrist Word Salad's "Wicked Game." Gift fic. Pilot based.
At the Kage Meeting in Iron Country, the name Uzumaki Naruto comes up in conversation. The Godaime Mizukage, Terumi Mei, is not happy. Companion piece to “The Missing Spiral.” Oneshot
Ino wished that Sakura had remembered the language of flowers.--Supplement to Belletrist Word Salad's "Wicked Game." Gift fic. Pilot based.
Kiba was a man ruled by his gut instinct, but that does not mean he was stupid.--Supplement to Belletrist Word Salad's "Wicked Game." Gift fic. Pilot based.
Choji was no stranger to gluttony.--Supplement to Belletrist Word Salad's "Wicked Game". Gift fic. Pilot based.
Students had fallen in love with their teachers before, and vice versa. It wasn’t some taboo, shocking sight. But, damn, why did SHE have to be one of them!
Someone discovers that Naruto is her cousin, and she’s one of the last people you’d expect.
Jiraiya was a self-proclaimed super pervert. He loved women. It wasn’t unusual for him to frequent a place like this. That didn’t make this kind of thing right. A different look at everyone’s favorite perverted Sannin.
[He shivered as her breath tickled his ear. “Show me love,” she whispered pleadingly, “Even if it’s not real.”] Fem Naruto. A series of short, sensual shots. Lemon scented.
The who, what, when, where, why, and how of the various monsters that appear in the LoZ series. First up: the great, fire-breathing Dodongo!
Because being a detective meant nothing if there were no mysteries to solve. Oneshot.
He was dying, and the gate made him an offer. How could he refuse? He'd always wanted an adventure. Oneshot. Alternate Movie Ending
Okay, so she was in love with her teacher, but it wasn't like her love was requited... so why was she getting these mixed signals?
She didn't remember her real mother, but she figured sensei was a more than suitable substitute.
A student and her teacher, in love. It was her teacher, not her father, that raised her to be a woman. Surprise pairing.
He'd seen many things in his life, things no other human being had seen, but never had he encountered anyone quite like... her.
For TriopsMaster Oneshot NaruGaa Light Yaoi Contemplating his death and new chance at life, feeling as if he were about to break, he found himself held and mended by the only one he ever admired
On Hiatus-It is known that Shukaku was once a priest whose powers were known far and wide. But when he became a demon, what happened to his followers? GaaraXOC
He refused to acknowledge those red eyes as "true art." He cared nothing for Uchiha Itachi... but he couldn't help but wonder why he couldn't always hate him. Slight one-sided DeidaraxItachi oneshot character death
On Hiatus They thought that the Two tailed Cat was sealed within me by force, just like their demons. Wrong. Kirara gave her life to save mine, but Akatsuki took her away. I need to find the fox…
Kneel down and lick! And with the same tongue twisted around my red fingernail call me your queen. - FemKyuubiXNaruto - Dark fic. Not for the faint of heart.
For KarinUzumaki : It'd been two and a half years since they'd been able to see each other. Relish in the other's touch. How he craved him... Lemon alert! Yaoi GaaNaru GaaraxNaruto Oneshot
On Hiatus-Yet another time travel fic... But this time with Jiraiya! Watch the Erosennin relive his genin days with all the knowledge of his older self! What will he do to try and change the future? What will stay the same? Eventual JirTsu
For KarinUzumaki. They were both stone drunk, but maybe this one night, they could pretend. Naruto could pretend that Gaara wasn’t Kazekage, and he could pretend that Ino was still alive. ShikaNaru Yaoi Lemon Implied GaaNaru and ShikaIno
As his feelings for her faded, her feelings for him grew, but by the time she realized how she really felt, he was already long gone. NaruSaku Oneshot Challenge Fic
Gaara's eyes widened and he stumbled back, triping and falling in the process. It couldn't be! He was dead! He killed him! Yashamaru... A scream ripped itself from his throat. Rated for angst.
Fourshot. Now edited! A series of shots of Valoo's point of view during Wind Waker. Based on the ValooVolvagia theory
On Hiatus-To Be Rewritten SesshomaruOC How do you go from human to fullblooded yokai in a matter of hours? She was human... yet she didn't want to BE human. Her wish is granted... but at what cost?
On Hiatus. Kyuubi stared in horror at the bloody mess that was his mate and... his kit! Where was his kit? From that point on, everything was red...
Where is the line between right and wrong? What is the difference between good and evil? Are the two clearly different, or are they so blurred they seem almost the same? A young queen fights to restore what was once lost while struggling against those tha
A fic about one of the lesser highlighted characters from WW, Mila, the rich girl who became poor. Set two years after WW. It's easier to understand if you've played the game before. [MilaXOC] Rating may go up.
A short poem about those annoying birdthings in OoT and MM. Went for a superstitious kind of feeling. R&R! I'm open to flames!
REWRITTEN! Exactly what the title says. The story of how the universe came to be. Oneshot.