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Stories by TMBlue

Strangers by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

Hermione is forced to take an Unbreakable Vow and spy on the movements of the Aurors under the threat of Ron and Harry's deaths.
Just some angsty tent lust in September, 1997.
It's 6th year, and Hermione needs someone to kiss her.
Ron/Hermione oneshots from a list of kiss prompts on Tumblr.
Mid-DH. Ron and Hermione begin to reconcile in the days following Ron's return, as Harry preoccupies himself with his growing obsession over the Deathly Hallows.
Hermione tries to cope with life after Ron's death, but what if all she thought she knew about what happened to him so many years ago was a lie?
A few days after the Final Battle, Ron takes a shower and is interrupted by Hermione. For idearlylovealaugh.
Ron and Hermione spend a long night at Grimmauld Place, sorting out their future. Written for 2019's romioneflufffest on Tumblr.
Whilst awaiting Harry at the Leaky Cauldron, Ron and Hermione make a list.
One month after the Final Battle, Ron can't wait any longer to move things forward with Hermione.
Shortly after the end of the war, Ron and Hermione share his bed at The Burrow.
100 days of R/Hr fanfiction prompts
After a long stint of gruelling Auror missions, Ron visits Hogwarts on the morning of the 1998 Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Quidditch match.
Ron and Hermione share a few dances at Bill and Fleur's wedding.
When Hermione wakes up one morning with no memory of the past four months of her life, she struggles to piece together what happened, with Harry and Ron suddenly cold towards her for something she doesn't remember doing.
Ron celebrates his nineteenth birthday... with some help.
Collection of Ron/Hermione prompts, based on an emoji game I posted on Tumblr.
In the middle of the night, before Gringotts, Hermione finds Ron outside Shell Cottage.
COMPLETE! Hermione arrives at Ron and Harry's camp during a series of grueling Auror missions the summer after her graduation from Hogwarts. For wildegreenlight.
COMPLETE! Ron passes Hermione a note at dinner while staying at Shell Cottage after Malfoy Manor. ShellFest 2018.
Ron has a dream about Hermione the night after both breaking up with Lavender and failing his Apparition test. Things go awry. 6th year AU!
COMPLETE! Ron Weasley turns sixteen.
COMPLETE! Ron Weasley turns eighteen.
COMPLETE! Mid-DH. A month after their visit to Lovegood's, a restless Hermione finds Ron asleep on the sofa.
COMPLETE! Ron and Hermione return to the Common Room for a midnight snack after Prefect rounds, late 6th year. For Romione Fluff Fest 2017 on Tumblr.
COMPLETE! Christmas 1998. Ron wakes up, in the middle of the night, to a mostly naked Hermione in his bed.
COMPLETE! Ron visits Hermione at her parents' house in the summer of 1998. For Romione Fluff Fest 2017 on Tumblr.
COMPLETE! Hermione gets creative on a Hogsmeade weekend. For jenn582.
COMPLETE! Hermione's last night before she returns to Hogwarts gets emotional. For azaleablue.
COMPLETE! One evening, in Ron's bed, in August 1998.
COMPLETE! Ron and Hermione meet at the Burrow's garden shed for a little privacy, two weeks after the Battle of Hogwarts.
COMPLETE! Mid-DH. Semi-AU. The heightened effects of the horcrux locket on Ron surface in increasingly unsettling ways.
COMPLETE! Immediately post-DH. Hermione convinces Ron to do something mental to finally get to the bottom of their feelings for each other.
Short Ron/Hermione one-shots written in single sittings and previously posted directly as tumblr entries.
COMPLETE! On their final night at Shell Cottage, before the Gringotts break-in, Ron seeks out Hermione for a conversation when he can't sleep. Mid-DH.
COMPLETE! Hermione pays Ron a surprise visit at his Hogsmeade flat on the 4th of April, 1999.
After returning home from the longest case in his career, Ron contemplates his choices, his future, and the looming threat of his death.
COMPLETE! Following a blackout from an injury, Ron subconsciously runs through a series of abstract senses and emotions and how they now link to Harry and Hermione.
COMPLETE! Ron gets a few of his favourite things for his birthday.
COMPLETE! A card game at the Leaky Cauldron challenges Ron to do something he'd been putting off for far too long. M for language.
COMPLETE! During the final battle at Hogwarts, Ron & Hermione are separated briefly in a corridor, while Harry visits the Pensieve.
COMPLETE! Christmas at The Burrow, 1998.
COMPLETE! Just past midnight, when the house was all tucked up and silent, he would walk and think about everything. Written as a birthday gift for otterandterrier.
COMPLETE! Of course George would have an adult line at WWW. And of course he would use Ron and Hermione as test subjects. Written for the 2015 Ron/Hermione fanfic fest on romionesmut's tumblr.
COMPLETE! Ron asks Hermione to stand watch, while he bathes outside. Mid-DH, post-locket.
Could she live with an imperius curse, a boggart, a possession? She could do only one thing, one battle against the future that left her destroyed, alone. She could open another book. Post-DH. Ron/Hermione.
COMPLETE! Terrified after Hermione's torture, Ron seeks the comfort of his brother Bill, at Shell Cottage. Inspired by catching smoke's art, "Take Away the Pain."
During the summer after the final battle, Hermione suggests a way for her and Ron to spend some time alone.
COMPLETE! Ron has taken a position with a top secret team of Aurors, traveling abroad. Hermione plots ways to see him, while he's not allowed to reveal his location, meeting at inns around the world to spend the night together.
Post-DH Ron/Hermione, prompted by properties of the elements in the periodic table.
COMPLETE! Ron helps Hermione sleep through the night. Post-DH.
COMPLETE! Inspired by tlpursuit's Ron/Hermione art, Train Home for Christmas.
COMPLETE! With Hermione's help, Ron is slowly dealing with Fred's death, two weeks after the final battle.
COMPLETE! Summer after the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione have a row that reminds them both of the previous year hunting horcruxes. For shocolate.
COMPLETE! Realistically, he'd have to say he didn't think he'd actually survive this. It had been that turning point, just before he'd heard her speak his name, inside his pocket, that had brought him back... changed. (One-shot, mid-DH)
COMPLETE! Shortly after the war has ended, Ron and Hermione find themselves displaced at the Burrow when Ron's extended family comes to visit.

Ink by TMBlue

COMPLETE! Mid-DH: Hermione never thought of herself as reckless, but the night after she alters her parents' memories, her and Ron go out together for what may be their last night of freedom, returning with something to remember the night by...
COMPLETE! Ron can't seem to get warm. He could use an extra "blanket"! Also, *insert obligatory smut warning here.*
COMPLETE! One-shot. Mid-HBP. Ron stumbles into Hermione's little secret.
COMPLETE! Ron doesn't know what to do. So, he reads.
COMPLETE! A little staring contest, inspired by rhmac12.
COMPLETE! For the HP Reunion on LiveJournal, via the rhr smutfest. Hermione discovers her own fondness for Ron's Keeper's gloves.
COMPLETE! Moments after leaving their tent, Ron tries to take it back.
COMPLETE! The sun was setting, and she had a perfect view from where she stood.
COMPLETE! Ron's lips are badly chapped... Hermione intervenes.
Post HBP: Mr Granger has a chat with Ron on Platform 9 3/4.
COMPLETE! Ron and Hermione begin the process of becoming parents.
COMPLETE! One night in Australia, after the war. Ron/Hermione.
Ron is back. Hermione struggles to forgive him for leaving her without so much as a goodbye... DH missing moments. Written for the lovely wordsmithsonian.
COMPLETE! Moments after the final battle, Ron and Hermione find themselves alone, inside a tiny broom closet.
COMPLETE! In the midst of The Lavender Row of 1996/1997, Ron is unable to comfort Hermione himself when he overhears her crying. And so, instead, he elects a surrogate.
She's so sick of the routine. She wants nights, not just days. And she feels almost certain that he wants the same thing.
COMPLETE! As his relationship with Lavender continues, Ron is asked to make a choice. Set mid-HBP.
COMPLETE! From Times Ten: "...since that first night after the end of the war, holding each other in small scraps of clothing as they cried until they fell asleep together."
COMPLETE! Ron finds himself at a club, with Hermione, Harry and Ginny. So, of course, he has to make the best of it.
COMPLETE! The night of Ron and Hermione's tenth anniversary.
Missing moments: All of the times that Ron and Hermione fell asleep together, from book 1 to book 7.
COMPLETE! One lonely night in sixth year, something happens to Ron in the Gryffindor common room that he will never let happen again...
COMPLETE! Ron finds himself lost at sea, remembering his last moments on land.
7 Christmases. For the 2011 Ron/Hermione Christmas Fic & Art Fest!
COMPLETE! Ron and Harry have a chat at Shell Cottage, several nights after Malfoy Manor. For shocolate.
Since the war, Hermione Granger has been distant for some unrevealed reason. Today, Ron Weasley has had enough.
COMPLETE! Set during Bill & Fleur's wedding. A Ron/Hermione missing moment oneshot, dedicated to Mustanger.
COMPLETE! Lying awake at Shell Cottage, Ron discovers just how useless it is to try and talk himself out of loving Hermione.
COMPLETE! Hermione has made a list of key moments in her relationship with Ron, and how those moments stack up against each other. So, by Hermione's calculations, who owes whom?
COMPLETE! Ron learns how to share.
COMPLETE! It wasn't the fact that she was gone. It was the silence, in all of the places where she had once been. That's what made it real.
It was growing increasingly difficult to be this close to her, to feel everything at once, and not be able to do what he really wanted...
COMPLETE! On February 25th, 1997, Harry James Potter beat Ronald Bilius Weasley at a chess match.
I'm going to send you this letter soon. Then you'll know everything that I want to say but can't...Your blood becomes one, your power moving from one to the next. You are one now, joined by your blood.
When Ron wakes up in a completely dark, unfamiliar room with Hermione, with hardly any memory of getting there, his only choice is to use the four senses he has left - hearing, touch, taste and smell - to get them out alive.
COMPLETE! Ron/Hermione drabbles for seven nights.

New by TMBlue

COMPLETE! Ron and Hermione are going to be okay.
COMPLETE! 2011 rhr fest gift, for napchic: After weeks away during Ron's Auror training, he returns to Ottery St. Catchpole to find Hermione waiting for him.
COMPLETE! Remind me... what was I waiting for?
COMPLETE! 2011 HP Canonfest Entry #3: Hermione knows all of Ron's secrets, even the ones he thought she could never guess.
COMPLETE! 2011 HP Canonfest Entry #2: Confessions and beginnings on a warm summer day at the Burrow.
COMPLETE! 2011 HP Canonfest Entry #1: The night after the Final Battle, Harry, Ron and Hermione contemplate their survival and the future they suddenly have.
Now that the war is over, Ron finally does something he's been meaning to do for far too long: signs up for lessons in 'Hermione.' Written for the lovely urbanmama1.
COMPLETE! Ron's final night at Shell Cottage, before he follows the light...
COMPLETE! I have to open the door, I have to, because what if I don't and he's not breathing?
Ron and Hermione may think that they're free to enjoy their life after the war... but a band of fierce kidnappers has a very different plan for them. Even if they survive, will Ron ever be able to forgive himself for the methods required for their escape?
COMPLETE! A secret meeting late one night is cut short. Hope lives, completely futile, beneath the truth.
COMPLETE! Harry is the Spello-tape that held Ron and Hermione together through the years. Written for the lovely shocolate.
COMPLETE! Mid-HBP and DH. Ron/Hermione. Two bedside confessions. Both after near death experiences. Written for the wonderful honourweasley12!
COMPLETE! rhrlove's 2010 V-Day Challenge Entry: She knew what she wanted even then, when she feared her dreams would never come true. But if she can still imagine things as she always hoped they'd be, maybe she still has a reason to be optimistic
-"I'm going. Alone," Hermione said, leaving no room for Ron to argue. One night, so long ago now it seemed, really had changed everything.
On August 30th, 1998, Hermione returns to the Burrow... 48 hours before the Hogwarts Express.
COMPLETE! Ron deals with anxiety while on Auror leave with Harry, cleaning up the world after the war. Characters: Ron and Harry, Ship: Ron/Hermione
AU - Hermione would be married tonight... It sounded so ironic, fate laughing at Ron for his own cowardice. But as Harry reminded him, some things are worth fighting for.
Post-DH: "We're going on an adventure!" Ron announced. "This time, we're in charge." And really, who was Harry to argue?
COMPLETE! 2010 R/Hr Big Bang Challenge entry: Hermione is dead. Ron is falling apart, unable to live without her. All that's left is a chance... to bring her back.
COMPLETE! The war is over, and all that's left is to start the rest of their lives.
COMPLETE! On a mission after the Final Battle, Hermione and Ron are separated and each subjected to Firewild smoke, a weapon developed by Death Eaters that causes the person affected to enter an alternate reality where their worst nightmares come true.
COMPLETE! Post-DH: Recovering from the aftermath of the war, Ron and Hermione finally admit what they've been hiding from each other for years.
Three days after the final battle at Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione begin a game of questions...
COMPLETE! Ron reflects on his place amoung his best friends, Harry and Hermione, his past with the two of them, focusing on his relationship with Hermione and why he has never been able to tell her how he really feels about her...
An AU story beginning the summer after 6th year when Hermione comes to the Burrow. What if relationships had changed a lot sooner than they did in DH? This story is what COULD have happened...
Mid-Post DH: Contemplating death while dying seems ironic, but it's the only time when you can really know what that feels like, to leave one world for another, and to wonder if you're really ready for it...

Clutter by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

In a random recurrence of the after effects of Ron's 'brain poisoning' from the Department of Mysteries, he becomes convinced that Hermione has died and that the only way for him to see her again is to stay awake indefinitely.
COMPLETE! Lying on the warm summer grass the day after the Final Battle, Hermione and Harry discuss Hermione's relationship with Ron and their future together.

Regret by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

COMPLETE! Lying awake at Shell Cottage, Ron reflects on all of his past regrets, and the newest and biggest one that now overshadows all the rest. Set mid-DH before the chapter "The Silver Doe"...

Waiting by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

The war is over... and now Ron waits.

Someplace to Hide by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

After the war, Ron makes a quick decision to return to Hogwarts with Hermione for their 7th year while Harry goes on to Auror training. Hermione shares her favourite place with Ron, and they each remember their promises...

When All Said and Done by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

The war is over. A peaceful calm floats through the city streets of London, but only one thing stands in the way of the happiness of Ron Weasley, and it's killing him.

Iam Tandem by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are faced with the decisions they have made and the task that is ahead of them. They take off on their last great adventure to save the world.

Wraith of Feeling by TMBlue Stale Result (Last seen: )

They have found and destroyed of all the Horcruxes but one and Voldemort himself. But Voldemort has disappeared and no one, not even Harry, knows where he is. They remain at Hogwarts, waiting for a sign, but maybe they aren't looking in the right place...