Stories by vlad the inhaler

A collection of related one-shots spanning Hogwarts, where Hermione never has her Halloween epiphany and so the trio never forms, leaving Harry & Ron to bro their way through Hogwarts, forced to learn for themselves what they need to know.
A take on Ell Roche's "Pure-blood Culture": Lady Astoria Greengrass has waited long enough, her father's offer of betrothal neither accepted nor refused by Lord Potter. It is time to discover why.
Romilda Vane realized she'd been going after Harry Potter the wrong way; it wasn't a question of how, it was a question of when.
One little change changes everything. Harry/Daphne, Harry/Victoire Daphne/Victoire implied. Slight AU. Rate M for language but it's infrequent.
Various one-shots that I've written over time. No storyline, just lulz.
Cormac McLaggen explains a few simple truths to Harry, with profound consequences. Harry/Romilda. Smut.
6th year AU, Harry puts the puzzle together slightly faster. Now he just needs to come up with a plan of action. Fortunately, help comes from an unexpected source. Rated M for a reason. Smut/adult situations.
A slightly more vindictive, studious Harry. A slightly more stubborn Hermione. A complete destruction of fanon!Daphne.
A twist on Ron Weasley and the Love Potion mishap in book six.
Incredible, how a single change in history can lead to a whole new world. For Harry Potter, all it takes is a wand.
Harry reflects on the horrors that hindsight brings.
Augustus Rookwood, unspeakable and Death Eater, discovers the prophecy. How ironic, that Dumbledore and Voldemort should grant him a destiny even greater than their own.
Sometimes, from a different point of view, one story becomes two.
Accused of treason and facing execution for consorting with the Fallen, Harry and Molly are forced to flee the Council. Unfortunatley for Harry, the Council isn't entirely wrong. Goes AU during White Night. Eventual, very eventual, Harry/Molly.
Harry Potter never accepts defeat. Never.