Stories by Big D on a Diet

Horrible, horrible DLP-inspired crackfic. Easily my worst work ever. Features Evil!Harry/Cannibal!Luna/Confused!Laurasia. Don't know who Laurasia is? Neither does anyone else. You will regret reading this as much as I regret writing it.
An ongoing series of one shot stories exploring how Slytherin!Harry would have handled key moments from the books. Events will appear out of order, so don't be surprised if it jumps around. Small but important edit made to Chapter Five
Harry Dresden had a plan to get the real truth when he went to question the Winter Lady about the Summer Knight's death. But with faeries, it's never quite that simple. One-shot, with sequel in the works.
A collection of very short one-shots based on challenges from the “Thank God You’re Here” thread at Dark Lord Potter. TGYH is an improv game for fanfic authors that tests their ability to work against the clock and a specified word count.
One-Shot. Not part of the WWSHD universe, but contains similar themes. Harry throws a bachelor party for Bill Weasley... and what's a bachelor party without entertainment?
Rewrite of Shezza88's Altered Destiny, done with permission. One change... one shift in the Pattern, may end up destroying the Dragon Reborn and tearing the Age Lace for all time.
PostHBP. HarryMany After Dumbledore's murder, Harry begins to walk his own path, and finds a destiny greater than he ever imagined.
One Shot AU. Set in the future. A look at Harry and Voldemort's final battle. Dark!Harry.
Seventh year AU HarryLilyPetunia Harry has a showdown with the Dark Lord, and everything changes.