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Stories by Lady Salazar

James made a mistake. Lily got even. In the wake of Voldemort's resurrection, the consequences catch up to Harry, and from there it's demons, dark wizards, and devil hunters. Let's rock! HP/DMC crossover, fifth year AU.
History became legend, legend became myth, and eventually, all that came before passed out of all knowledge. Only then did Morgoth slip the watch that held the Door of Night. Two years after the fall of Voldemort, Harry fights to defend the people of the world pinioned by the forces of the unremembered Powers. HP/Silm crossover.
DLP 2.78

Do Unto Others by Lady Salazar Stale Result (Last seen: )

James made a mistake. Lily got even. In the wake of Voldemort's resurrection, the consequences catch up to Harry, and from there it's demons, dark wizards, and devil hunters. Let's rock! HP/DMC crossover, fifth year AU.
"Find the last of my blood, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion." Harry is a stranger in a strange land, alone and far from home, but that doesn't stop her hero complex when she has a mission. She's spent half her life at war, so what's one more? PostDH, EWE, fem!Harry, cross with TESIV.
At a family reunion, a boy who lives in a cupboard meets a boy who turns into a piano. No one in this world is normal. Oneshot HP/SE crossover, set pre-Hogwarts and post-manga.
Melody Pond wasn't the first baby conceived on the TARDIS. Once upon a time, Lily and James Potter adventured the universe, too, before fate forced them back to fixed points and prophecies. HP/DW crossover, extremely short oneshot AU.
Lily Potter is a brilliant Unspeakable, determined combatant, and expectant mother. Then the accident happens. Never trust a Shinra scientist. Implied Angeal/Lily. Oneshot, HPFF7 crossover, AU.
Voldemort has a little fun with the Elder Wand before he dies, and minds are screwed with afterward. Potters always go for redheads. The Peverells were necrophiles. So Harry likes…? Crack, light Gryffindor/fem!Harry, DH AU oneshot

gender bender
During a mission to investigate the possibility of Voldemort gaining demonic support, a fight between Lily and James leads to a drunken Lily sleeping with a stranger... and unfortunately, Harry is very much his father's child. Dark themes. AU oneshot.
Capturing the legendary demon hunter Dante is a daunting task, yet one required to activate the Savior. Or maybe not: there is a back-up plan, and it involves Harry Potter. Nero origin story, AU oneshot, HPDMC crossover. PostGoF.
Harry Potter and his maternal grandfather were very alike. Pity they weren't actually related. Henry Evans meets the mother of his second child. AU oneshot.
Ron and Slytherin have a conversation. Why Voldemort is a madman, why Death Eaters act like animals, why Hermione would make a scary dark witch, why Harry makes a good one, and why curiosity is a bad thing when Harry's your best friend. SFFPverse oneshot.
They had nothing and everything in common. More importantly, Harry Potter and Uchiha Sasuke each had something the other badly needed, an edge, and the determination to damn the consequences of their actions. Short oneshot, mid-timeskip, year six.
The eyes are the windows to the soul, but Harry knew something was up long before his eyes changed. HP/Naruto crossover, oneshot.
Love isn’t a power, only a powerful emotion. But Harry does have a power the Dark Lord does not, and that changes everything. AU, short oneshot.
Ichigo dances in between sanity and survival, Rukia faces execution and old grief, and friends rush to save them, while help appears in unexpected quarters and conspiracy piles upon conspiracy. AU, fem!Ichigo, SS arc.
Kurotsuchi wasn't the only one to experiment, and Urahara wasn't the only one to succeed. Aizen, however, was the only one to work miracles. AU, Ichigo centric.
Grimmauld Place is a house that has seen many wars, and as Harlas Lily Potter discovers, some magical wars never truly end… Slytherin/fem!HP. Sorta. OotP-era AU, Dark themes
The Dursleys learn that Harry Potter keeps his promises, and Bellatrix learns that perhaps she has more to fear than the Dark Lord's disfavor. PostHBP. Rated for safety. Now with follow up, not DH compliant.
Because he didn't survive. Not really. HPxBleach xover oneshot, arrancar!Harry. Rating for gore and disturbing imagery.
Short Bleach prompts. First: Rational, a look at Hollows and Shinigami from Ichigo's perspective. Second: Relation, wherein Masaki hardly understands her own reasons.
It's better to err on the side of caution; that is, until caution ruins lives. The Chamber of 46 is cautious; Byakuya keeps his vows, all but one, and Ichigo has to try and find her place. Subtle Byaxfem!Ichi, past ByaxHisa.
Theirs was a story of seconds, not of firsts. Short oneshot, semicrack and completely not serious. ?fem!Ichi. Rated for safety.
Momo rationalizes, the Chamber of 46 makes dim decisions, Ichigo makes brighter ones, and Aizen takes advantage, as they all spiral down, as surely as warmth rises. Twisted IchiMomo oneshot.
What happens if an arrancar is killed before it can release? Nothing, usually, but Ichigo was far from your usual opponent. Short, speculative, post Hueco Mundo oneshot, with elements of AU.
When Ichigo condemned himself to a fate far worse than death or destruction of the universe, it wasn't for anything like love. Short oneshot, time travel.
There are some things the human race is not meant to know. Harry didn't care instead, he made it his life's purpose to learn them. Oneshot
Running only made it worse, and crying only made them enjoy it more. So Harry smiled instead, and waited for the day when he wouldn't have to, when it'd be them running and crying in his place. Oneshot, RK elements.
What if Harry had been an heir of Slytherin? How could that have changed the events in the Chamber of Secrets?
It was only fitting that Shiba Kaien would cause a stir even in the Living World. He was just skilled that way. Kuchiki Rukia looks on as Harry Potter, former thirteenth division fukutaicho, butts heads with a demiHollow… called Voldemort. HPBleach
An attempt at destroying a Horcrux backfires, landing the Trio in the past... 1000 years in the past to be exact. And now, Harry's learning the hard way that he can't always get off scot free with running his mouth.
Voldemort is dead. James Potter killed him. But Voldemort killed James, and Harry fulfilled the Prophecy. Confused? Well, it’s all in perception anyway. HPLEP, sort of HPGW and JPLEP. Oneshot, short.
AU Several years after Voldemort's resurrection in 1991, the war is fairing poorly... until the Ministry of Magic unveils its superweapon... The Project, Harry Potter.
With the war over and the lives of the fighters shattered, Hermione decides to go back in time to write a better future. Too bad she didn’t realize that fate doesn’t appreciate being messed with. ONESHOT
Oneshot. He loved them, and he'd fight for them to the bitter end. But both he and Ron agreed, being killed by them was a bit much, when Dumbledore decides the Prophecy means that Harry's death will mean Voldemort's as well. Ignores HBP.
He understood that Harry had to kill to complete the Prophecy. But having thought about his ease in doing so, Ron had to wonder one thing why. Followup to Manslayer.
The prophecy dictated that he'd be a killer in the end, and they knew that. But they didn't expect him to take it this far.
ONESHOT. Even though it means her death, Lily just can't let Harry go. Mild HPLE