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Stories by IP82

DLP 4.61

Anything but Slytherin by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

ONESHOT. AU. How could have Harry's sorting ceremony looked like if the first war against Voldemort went down a bit differently. Dark and disturbing.
DLP 4.50

The last dinosaur’s roar by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

PostDH. ONESHOT. Harry sets himself on one last desperate quest to prevent the apocalyptic future. But will he have the guts to do what needs to be done, for the greater good? Dark!Harry

Albus Severus Potter’s role in life by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

PostDH. ONESHOT. Why in the world would Harry name his son by a manipulative old coot and a sallowfaced greasyhaired bastard who got his jollies by wanking off at the image of his mum? Read to find out... OOC warning!
DLP 4.31

Yin and Yang by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

PostHBP Following a trail of mysterious messages with a Yin & Yang symbol on them, Harry comes to certain devastating revelations, pushing him down the path to darkness. Dark!Harry, no romance.
DLP 4.21

Potter's Resistance 1: Breaking Ties by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

PostOotP. Harry escapes Private Drive and goes out to learn about the world and magic on his own. Hunted by all sides of the war, he must rely on his newfound wit and cunning to survive. Independent!Harry.

Arthur Weasley's newest toy by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

ONESHOT Mr. Weasley just came home with the most brilliant muggle contraption he'd ever seen. How could he resist the temptation to tinker with it?
DLP 4.39

The shortest Severitus story ever by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

ONESHOT, PostOotP. Parody on Severitus and Independent!Harry stories. VERY short, practically joke format.
DLP 3.00

The Imposter by IP82 Stale Result (Last seen: )

ONESHOT! Years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry's a pro Quiditch player and a playboy. In a pause of a radio interview, something unexpected happens...