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Stories by MattD12027

The death of a former mentor and friend brings the survivors of the Second War back together after many years, reigniting old feelings and allowing them to examine where their lives have taken them.
Worlds collide as Death prepares for the invasion of Void. Diverges from World of Warcraft between Legion and BFA before the burning of Teldrassil; and from Harry Potter at the end of OotP.
Abandoned. The true story of Hermione's time at Hogwarts, in her own words. Now between First and Second Year.
After leaving Britain to continue his education, Harry tries to bring the British Wizarding world into the 21st century. Author's note: This was written before the seventh book was published. Character-driven drama with a lot of introspection.
If I had been directing the sixth movie, this is how I would have opened the film. This scene represents approximately 10-11 minutes of screen time.
Harry is told some unfortunate news and reacts, perhaps in a surprising way. One shot, AU seventh year.
Our heroes graduate from Hogwarts on 17 June 1999. Join them as they finish one part of their lives and move onto the next. Ignores epilogue and DH ships.
A simple, short love story in a very domestic setting. Harry parts from his wife briefly one morning, and while waiting for her to rejoin him, reflects on his life.
How do you reconnect after so many years? What do you say? Threeshot. Complete.
Ron storms out of the tent, leaving Harry and Hermione to a storm of their own. One shot.
Chapter 'King's Cross' and what it could have been. Book 7 spoilers. Oneshot.
PostHogwarts. Harry must deal with the horrors of war, and in doing so he will embrace his heritage and leave a lasting legacy on the world. Character Death, Eventual HHr. Author's note: written entirely when I was 18-19 and dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.