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Stories by catsintheattic

Draco has never been a perfect son.
Imagine a world where Pansy Parkinson changed the outcome of the war. Written for Springtime Gen 2010.
Another pure-blood will recognise you by your blood and heritage, but any commoner will recognise you by your possessions. Seven years at Hogwarts. Seven insights into Draco’s schoolbag. Fic from a fic/art project of Reira and Catsintheattic.
A Quidditch accident. A silent daughter. A loving mother. A lonely son. Desperate measures on all sides of the equation. Dreams and nightmares that won’t stay put. Written for HP Darkfest 2009. This story is dark. Please regard the warnings in the header.
Souls, to a Dementor, are like chocolates in a box. Each taste reflects the essence of a particular soul. “If each soul has a unique taste, then what about Horcruxes?” you ask me. Let me tell you a story, son, the story of one particular Dementor.
It started as a case of rat infestation. Suddenly, MoM Health Inspector Harry Potter had at least one murder case to solve, further complicated by Draco Malfoy’s completely uncooperative behaviour. Written for H/D Career Fair 2009 on Livejournal.
Sometimes, a woman has to decide whether to follow the path of love or to set out to fulfil her life-task. Few manage to achieve both. Whatever they do, the path is never easy, until the last shred of doubt is finally burned away. Warnings see inside.
There is more to the Malfoy gardens than meets the eye. For Narcissa, the annual family gathering turns into a life-threatening situation. And, even to a pure-blood girl, marriage might be about more than family alliances, after all.
Every crusade exacts a human cost, and Dolores is willing to see it paid in full. Written for hp darkfest 2008. Warnings/Spoilers: mention of torture, cruelty against children, killings of adults and animals, rape, murder and abortion
What if Harry used a different curse on Malfoy, back in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom? The Prince’s book was full of spells, and this time, Harry simply picked another. Again, he had no idea what it would do. For the hd inspired Back to School fest in 2008.
She was a young Veela who only wanted to be beautiful. When her body failed her, she started looking for inner beauty. Alas, her own soul wasn't enough to make up for what she couldn't achieve. For femgenficathon 2008. Deaths and soul-sucking aplenty.
Percy never wanted to be like this. But sometimes, following rules doesn’t help you to overcome your deepest wishes. It doesn’t help to make you less of an outsider. You’re still a pervert and rightfully driven away.
He wanted nothing more than to break free and rule the world. An insight into the mind of a well known Harry Potter character.
Harry to Draco, "I promise to let you do that again." Written for the third wave of The Eros Affair.
She’d always thought that she’d go before him. The mourning of Molly Weasley after DH.
Luna, Hermione, Lavender and Neville. Four children, about to go to Hogwarts. Four shopping trips at Diagon Alley. Written for hp summergen, 2007.
This is a collection of eight stories about Draco Malfoy's life in HBP. The stories themselves will be loosely connected, but each can be read as a stand-alone as well. You can find individual information in the header for each story.
When Malfoy Manor is searched and destroyed after the war, Harry finds a missing link. But he also finds answers to questions he didn’t even want to ask. Warning: written before DH, this fic is now AU.
Professor Trelawney makes another prediction and Harry Potter refuses to see into his future. Set in GoF.
To remember doesn’t mean to sacrifice your life. Neville Longbottom teaches Hermione's daughter how to live. Warning: AU written in 2006, character death off stage .
Draco Malfoy encounters a Boggart for his DADA test. A story written for Waterbird, after a call for prompts on the 19th December 2006. My deepest thanks to Liriaen, Mordyn and Nomango for their wonderful beta-reading.
When your father works so hard to make you happy, there’s nothing much you can do about it. An insight into life at the Crouches.
Harry, captured by Voldemort, gets a new cellmate, Draco Malfoy. He is here to stay, aside from the times when he is dragged away to the torture rooms. During the months of being imprisoned, Malfoy slowly turns into Draco. AU, written 2006. Gory ending.
Harry is out there in the night, fighting Voldemort all alone. While Hermione and Ron are waiting for him to return, their hearts linger between midnight and dawn. AU, written after HBP. Update due to editing!
What if a boy cannot live up to his father's dreams? Draco has walked on the edge of sanity for years. From failing to kill Albus Dumbledore to the time after the defeat of the Dark Lord, Draco struggles to retain his grasp on reality. AU after HBP.
It is an early morning, some time after the end of the war. Draco sits all by himself and remembers the day he turned a traitor for the second time. But somehow Harry understands. Love means never having to say you’re sorry.
It’s the first day of the new term and Professor Snape watches the students’ arrival. Among the third years, Draco Malfoy needs his help in more than one way. Snape reaches out, and is torn between his head and his heart all the time.
Shall I compare thee to a season’s day? Draco is like winter to Harry, and so Harry is like autumn to Draco.
How do you go on after the war has been ended and your life is dependent on fighting? Draco Malfoy tries to master the art of fighting and finally conquers a different perspective on life.
St. Mungo’s emergency ward during the second war. A witch in pain. An exhausted healer. A battlefield that history books won’t record.