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Stories by nuhuh

It is the day of the initiation and Cardin is ready to cease the moment and make it his bitch. Mid-flight off the cliff he begins to understand the meaning of a curse disguised as a blessing. Does his semblance hate him or is the universe dolling out comeuppance? Such deep thoughts are beyond Cardin.
It all goes wrong when Dumbledore gives Harry the choice to go back and fight Voldemort or move on. Harry is taken before he can make that choice and is thrown in an unexpected afterlife. Now he is on a mission to fight his way back to his own world.
Post DH. Harry could never have known Albus-Severus was the herald of the new dark age. He watched as his youngest child came to be known as the Dark Son. Now Harry goes back in time to save his family and his son from the dark path.
HPDresdenFiles. Unknown to Potter there is a trail of blood to reach him in a world far from his own. And a wizard there,Dresden, who is trying to stop the green eyed demon with the lightning scar from entering his world,though he doesn't know that he is.
Post DH. When Dumbledore gives Harry a choice between life & death in King's Cross station, he chooses a third option. Now Harry faces stopping two wars before they even happen, because he can't accept what is in store for the world. HarryAriana.
Xover with Dresden Files. Dresden finds himself brooding one snowy Chicago night when his mentor walks in with a mission to save a young girl's life and sanity. To save Ivy, Dresden goes looking for someone who can help in Harry Potter's world.
What if Voldemort complied with Snape's wish on Halloween 1981? What if the Harry we know used the Resurrection Stone at the same time as a heart broken Lily? Two different eras, two different realities...Post DH
Time Travel. Harry Potter is dead, murdered by the wand of Voldemort. Dumbledore commits his most loyal follower McGonagall to initiate his contingency plan for Harry's failure. It costs the woman her soul and puts Harry on the path of the forsaken.