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A place to put all of the snippets and ideas that are never going anywhere. Mostly Crackfics.
Not going to school would have been way too much effort, and besides, Harry had promised that since last year was a bit boring, he was going to not try to avoid everything this year..
Luckily, lazy came up in Petunia's tirades slightly more often than freak, otherwise, this could have been a very different story. AU. Not your usual Hufflepuff!Harry story.
Sequel - Read the others first, of course. Lazy!harry is back for another year of doing nothing. This will not be a long story. Sorry for the wait.
Sequel to Fugitives of Azkaban. Incomplete and probably abandoned. Harry and Sirius have escaped Azkaban and against considerable odds survived, but Harry can't escape his fate. Warning, big parts of this are missing in the middle and it has yet to be complete, but I have not touched it in years so figured I might as well post it as is and maybe get inspired to finish it.
Spock decides the temporal Prime directive has a different interpretation to his original one.

Stargate SG-1: Maybourne Unleashed by BajaB Stale Result (Last seen: )

What if Harry Maybourne had been more effective? Stargate SG-1, with a little bit more emphasis on acquiring technology to use. Starts from the season one Episode Enigma and generally follows canon timeline. Highlights only, not full story dialogs and scenes. Fill in the gaps yourselves. :)
Harry's back on the ghostly platform where he last spoke to Dumbledore.
Lazy!Harry is back, and not doing very much at all...
A series of Vignettes involving possibly the second most powerful but underused magic in the HP universe, Veritaserum. AU after GOF. Rating increased to T due to a bit of implied sexual situations, attempted suicide, abuse, and other nasty stuff.
Harry Potter knew love, when he was young, but he grew up using hate.
AU one-shot set after sixth year. Harry confronts Voldemort with an alternate reason for some of the Dark's Lord's failures, and offers to help him out, for a price.
Bits that didn't make it into the final version of my story, The Substitute. Mostly alternate endings. You have to read The Substitute for any of this to make sense.
The magical contract made by the Goblet of Fire inadvertently sets underway events that change everything you thought you knew about the boy-who-lived. AU GOF, depressing and a bit dark.
The very last day of the Second War did not happen when most thought it did; it happened much, much later. AU after Half Blood Prince. Slightly dark story.
The Maruaders were not nice people, but what if the gang was as Dark as they should at first glance appear to be? AU Marauders era one-shot.
Auror Ron misjudges a situation - badly. M Rating for implied sexual situation.
“...take the steps I have suggested, and you will be remembered, in office or out, as one of the bravest and greatest Ministers of Magic we have ever known.” - Albus Dumbledore – Goblet of Fire
Notes were handed out to students, warning them not to use magic over the holidays "I always hope they'll forget to give us these," said Fred Weasley sadly. After first year, Harry gets to do magic at home. Light and simple bit of cute fun.
Magic, decided Harry Potter, as he rubbed his sore behind, is quite useless. Post DH, but before the epilogue, one-shot, and meaningless. Just a bit of fun.
Harry vs. Fate - The dreaded time-travel cliche as you have probably never seen it done before. Highly AU. Sorry for the inconvenience.
One person who died during the series can live, but one who lived must die. Veritaserum com February 2008 one-shot challenge Winner .
13 years old, a vault full of gold, and two unsupervised weeks in Diagon Alley – What’s a boy to do? Summer before PoA AU, some adult themes.
What if Vernon and Petunia were even more successfull in 'beating all that nonsense' out of Harry? A silly AU story of a nonpowerful, but cunning, Harry.
A 'Harry goes to Azkaban' story. Convicted for releasing the Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets, Harry is put into a cell next to the most feared wizard in the world, Sirius Black. AU 3rd year, canon pairings, no Deathly Hallows.
What really happened to the Philosopher's stone? A one hundred word drabble of a unique idea that wasn't big enough for a 'full' story. Could be canon!
Something for Hegwig. Written before Deathly Hallows was released.
Sometimes, temptation is too great for even the most humble amongst us. A one hundred word drabble that could be canon.
Albus Dumbledore's will gives Harry an incredibly powerful spell, one that should only be used in the direst of emergencies. What will the consequences be? Post HBP, oneshot. [No DH]
Harry finds a way to get motivated, really, really motivated. A super!Harry oneshot. Post HBP, AU, No DH.
The first Triwizard Tournament task from a very different perspective: the Dragon's. AU.
No physical torment can compare, no mental anguish came even close. Who is not ready to go onto the Next Great Adventure? [No DH]
[Completed] An Alternate Universe seventh year story picking up immediately after HBP. Dumbledore leaves Harry an interesting legacy. A bit of humour, some action, even a bit of angst and romance. Includes my guesses for DH some were close!.
Can Lucius Malfoy be redeemed? A choice has been offered to the unrepentant Death Eater, will he take it? Crime and punishment in the HP universe. Post Hogwarts, AU DH, oneshot, slightly dark.
Were Horcruxes the only step Voldemort took towards immortality? I doubt it. AU, No DH, Post Hogwarts action story with a twist or two. Slightly dark Character death.
What price will one of the 'not so Golden Trio' pay to secretly learn the most difficult of spells? Post HBP introspective oneshot. Thanks to SlightlyFrumiousBandersnatch for the title.
I want to rush through these early names and get to the name that I know is waiting for me, but taking my time and reading each one slowly and carefully increases my anticipation, already agonisingly sweet since I recognised the son of my enemy.' AU,No DH
What things should First year students at Hogwarts know? A two chapter list fic of warnings and information vital to happiness and success at Hogwarts, or maybe not.
The horrid and sordid truth behind the hated potions Professor and his actions. Pre HBP, AU, No DH.
Grawp, the most neglected character in the HP series. AU, Post HBP, No DH.
To help stop Voldemort sending Harry nightmares, and to extract a little revenge while they are at it, the twins develop a new treat. No DH Humor. Oneshot.
One of the Marauder's has the worst possible excuse for not completing his homework on time. Early Marauders era.
What is the dark secret of how Harry came to terms with Sirius's death in the two weeks between OotP and HBP? Cowritten with Snapelover of Veritaserum.
The greatest wizard of all time contemplates a very long life and all that it has entailed. Sad little oneshot with a twist of course. HBP compliant No DH , alludes to character death.
Argus Filch receives mail that makes him more excited than a signed 'Permission to Whip Students' form: The Wunderwand, from the makers of Kwikspell. Oneshot set before the Goblet of Fire.
Waiting for my turn to approach where the Dark Lord sat in his high backed, regal chair, I briefly wondered how different my life could have been if the Sorting Hat had got it right. Post HBP, AU, No DH.
A thief hired to burgle a popular Diagon Alley store faces more challenges than the champions of a Triwizard Tournament. Short oneshot of an original character set after HBP.
Required reading for aspiring fanfic authors, or so I have been told. Yet another completely irreverent 'Mary Sue' parody. Set after HBP, but in no way cannon.
Dudley Dursley never really hated Harry Potter, but he did want what was in his room... Dudley decides to investigate Harry's room, with unfortunate consequences. Short oneshot set after GoF.
The new DADA teacher faces an uncertain first day. Sequel to Position Vacant, but more serious and a different style. Post HBP One shot [No DH]
McGonagall holds interviews for a new DADA teacher after placing an advert in the paper. Unfortunately not many suitable people are willing to take on the infamous position, but a few unsuitable ones want to try! Comedy oneshot set after HBP.[No DH]
Replacing the Fountain in the Ministry of Magic should have been a simple affair, but this is the magical world, and nothing is ever simple. Oneshot of an original character, with a cameo or two from some of your favourites. Pre DH.
Fred and George turn to Arthur for advice when their store starts to become sucessful, but is everything as it seems, or are they once again up to mischief, and can Arthur really help? Comedy oneshot set after the boys open their store in OotP.
Will Harry have the courage to ask Hermione what is going on before Ron hurts himself trying to hold in the laughter? Short oneshot comedy set in the middle of OotP